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Size:    The figurines are 3D printed at 1:10 scale. That means a 5 foot (60 inch) tall person becomes a  .5 foot (6 inch) tall figurine.  The models are printed attached to a round base, 3 inches wide (it’s a 30 inch platform).  You can request to have this removed, but it is recommended for stability.

Material:   PLA plastic – a starch-based bioplastic.  PLA comes in many colors, so your figurine can be printed in any one of the following:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Hot Pink, Black, White, Grey, Glow-in-the-dark

More and different options may be available in the future.

Digital File:    You may request a copy of the “print-ready” 3D model with any order of a 3D print.  You may order just a digital copy of the file on its own, but this may not be ready to print.  The only way to guarantee a print’s success is to actually print it.


  • Solo 3D Print: Single person: $50
  • Pair 3D Print: Two people together: $75
  • Reprints: $25
  • Digital File: $25 per person (free with any 3D print)

 Timeline: Orders take 1-4 weeks, depending the current volume.

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