8. What did you like best and least about your Project, country of travel/residency, and/or artists you met?

I especially liked the dinners with a big group of people every night. I wrote previously about how this activity facilitated stronger connections within the group. But besides the people and the food, it was great to eat and drink out of functional pots made by artists visiting the center.

Initially, one of the worst things about the experience was the weather. Though it wasn’t absurdly cold, there was a tendency toward grey skies. It did give me a greater appreciation of the sunny moments. When I first arrived, the sun didn’t come up fully until about 9 in the morning. This got better as the days got longer, but it made me a lot more likely to stay in bed late. While in Hungarymost recently I regularly woke at 5 AM, but in Denmark it was more like 8, 9 or 10 in the morning.

As I mentioned previously, I was frustrated by the cancellation of the workshops. I know it was out of control of the center, but I had really been looking forward to hearing from the exhibition architect and the graphic designer.
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