6. Will you seek other opportunities for International exchange?

Yes, at some point. I am interested in residency centers and the history and current state of symposiums and I’m hopeful that future travels will take me through more of Europe, as well as Asia. However, I am also interested in the opportunities for domestic travel, looking at the United States history of ceramic centers. I’d like to learn more about the motivations that led to the founding of these centers as well as the current status of their programs. Whom do they serve, what services do they offer?

            I’m looking into the Fullbright Fellowship program as a means to continue my studies in Europe, either for an additional year of studio-based research, or to enable a research project looking at the origin of ceramic symposia in Europe. 

While at the center in Denmark  I learned more about two centers I’m eager to visit: the European Ceramic Work Center (EKWC) in the Netherlands, and the residency center currently being planned by Marek Cecula in Poland.  The EKWC sounds like a very different place from any of the three centers I have previously spent time at, and it promises a particularly experimental environment.  I have been told that Cecula’s center will be geared for designers and industry. I continue to be interested in the crossover points between art, craft, and design.  Cecula has demonstrated his own interest in the subject and I’m eager to see how the center will differ from others more geared toward “art”.            

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