1. What were your expectations for your Project?

In general, I know that I expected to learn about Denmark and Danish culture through living there.  I hoped that living at Guldagergaard I might discover how the values of Danish society are reflected in the organization and management of the center. Regarding the Network program, I expected to be in a group with top emerging artists from Europe, working side by side, with a number of professional practice workshops intended give us tools to help us succeed professionally. The end result would be an exhibition and the beginnings of an international professional network. I also expected to learn more about various academic programs for ceramics, learning about differences among programs in different countries and exploring the possibilities for my own graduate education.

            Additionally, I hoped to observe and learn mold-making techniques to help me streamline and simplify my studio practice.  Adopting these methods would allow me to create a body of work in the brief timeline of the program, rather than the three month, semester long timeline I was familiar with from my time as an undergraduate.

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