Lighton International Artists Exchange Program: Project Report

Grantee: Jo Kamm

Project Title: Project Network 2008 (Network II)

Location: Guldagergaard, The International Ceramics Research Center, Skælskør, Denmark.

Dates of Travel: January 7 – February 27, 2008

Project Summary

I participated in the Network Project, a six week symposium at Guldagergaard, The International Ceramics Research Center. The symposium brings together an international group of artists, recently graduated from BA and MA programs, to live and work side by side, culminating in an exhibition and catalog. During this time, I developed a new body of work, learning new techniques for my process and simplifying and streamlining techniques I have used in the past.

The following report addresses each of the following questions in sequence:

1. What were your expectations for your Project?

2. What were you able to accomplish with the Lighton International Artists Exchange Program grant? Describe in detail.

3. Describe your interaction with other artists in your country of travel/residency.

4. How did your Project enhance your personal artistic vision and/or advance your creative goals?

5. Was your work outside the US valuable at this time in your career?

6. Will you seek other opportunities for International exchange?

7. How important would you rate International exchange?

8. What did you like best and least about your Project, country of travel/residency, and/or artists you met?

9. What was the most challenging aspect of your Project?

10. What do you see as your role and obligation to the Kansas City Artists Coalition and the Lighton International Artists Exchange Program?

11. Proposal for Kansas City Presentation of your Project: (Describe in detail).

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