8/24 – It’s been a hectic two weeks since Comicon, but I’ve finally processed all of the print orders.  So far, that’s about 75 hours of processing and 400-500 hours of printing (split among 4 printers).  Over the next week I’ll be cleaning up the figurines and sending them out.  

If you haven’t already, go and check out, where I’ve posted the models in 3D.  Scroll through the models until you find yours, and when you click on it, you’ll open up the 3D viewer.  At the bottom of the viewer, if you click the “Share” button, you can copy a link to send to friends and family. You don’t even need to join! If you paste the link into a post or message on Facebook, it will automatically embed the 3D viewer in that message.

If you don’t see your model on Sketchfab, it may be that you forgot to check the box giving permission to post your model publicly.  Please send me a message if you’ve changed your mind.  If you do see you model, but don’t want it or your name to be public, please send me a message and I’ll remove or rename it according to your wishes.  

You will also receive an email over the next week with a link to your 3D file on Dropbox.  Since the files can be large (over 100MB in some cases) I can only keep them up for one week. If you need the file after then, you can email me and I’ll re-post it.

Thanks a3d-photobooth-7-13 (1)gain for visiting The 3D Photobooth!

Jo Kamm

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