In the company of kings

February 5, 2008

Our group has been graced with a second member of an ousted royalty, Lia Bagrationi. Hailing from Georgia (the country, not the state), she told us how the Bagrationi clan was the Georgian ruling family for over a thousand years – from 8th c. CE to whenever the Russians terminated their independent kingdom, in the early 19th century. Lia can trace her family tree back to the 6th century, when the Bagrationi’s are thought to have emigrated from Palestine. Our other royalty is Manuel Canu, heir to the Roman Empire. Had it not been for the lead poisoning that led (heh heh) to the Fall of Rome, he may well have been the Duke of Denmark. We call him DD for short.

In other news, we fired our first wood kiln, a bourry box style kiln, and stuffed it full of work. We stopped stoking at 9.30 on Thursday evening – 22.5 hours after we started, at 11pm the night before. The weather was crazy – an enormous wind storm was just the preface to a mixture of snow and rain. It seemed to affect the cooling. We unloaded when it was cool enough to touch, one and a half days after finishing, and a full day before it usually gets there. Seems that we dropped about half the temperature in the first 2 hours. No problems though. Except that whole brown thing.

Jakob loading the bourry box:


unloading the bourry box:


coming soon: a summary of projects


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