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3D Modeling and Ceramic Media (Rhino – 2015)

This course will teach students to create works using 3-D modeling software. The class will be divided into two sections. In the first section students will learn Rhino, a 3-D modeling program, to create simple objects that are reflective of their studio practice and approach to art. In the second section of the course students will learn the mold-making skills necessary to render their creations into ceramic media. An introduction to slip casting and finishing techniques using slips and glazes will be covered as well. Students will be encouraged to experiment and expand on the techniques introduced in both sections of the class and to develop individual ideas and artistic goals.

Course length: 15 weeks, 6 contact hours each week.

Digital Design and Fabrication for the Artist (DFab – 2014-2015)

This course will explore art-related applications for digital design and manufacture, including the production of models for molds, plans for large-scale works and installations, tools and guides for assisting low-tech processes, and finished objects. Students will learn various 3D modeling strategies using free and easy-to-use software. Computer-driven technologies for the fabrication of works will be explored, including 3D printing, 3D scanning, laser cutting, and CNC machining. Students will be encouraged to develop individual ideas and artistic goals, building on ideas initiated in their major studios.

Course length: 15 weeks, 6 contact hours each week.

3D Now is an introduction to 3D Modeling and Digital Manufacturing tools.

In 3D Now, students learn different strategies for 3d Modeling and Manufacture using free software, primarily the 123D App series from Autodesk. 3D Now has previously been offered at the Metropolitan Community College FabLab, Red Star Studios, the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts, and the Kansas City Art Institute.

Course Length: 12 contact hours

Closing the Loop is a condensed workshop on 3D scanning and 3D printing

Closing the Loop is about introducing the tools which transform objects from physical to digital, and back again.  Using reality capture and 3D printing, participants learn to move in both directions, and in doing so, digital processes will become integrated into the sculptural process, offering new opportunities and strategies for working.

Participants capture and convert a physical object into a digital model.  The model is altered, then 3D printed.  Participants then mold the 3D prints in ceramic shell using a “lost wax” technique and cast the parts in aluminum.
Course length: 18 contact hours
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