3D Photobooth

June 2, 2015


Debut of the 3D Photobooth at RW2 Productions Relaunch Party, May 29, 2015. From the left: Linden Wade, Judy Rush, and Linsay Wade.

Judy, Linsay, and Linden
by RW2_productions
See all the scans from the RW2 Relaunch party on the RW2 Productions page on Sketchfab

The 3D Photobooth is a portable 3D scanning system, perfect for scanning people. Models are full color, and can be used for a variety of applications, from digital rendering to 3D printed figurines.

The 3D Photobooth is based on the work of Fred Kahl and his Coney Island Scan-a-rama 3D. The system uses the 3D camera built into an X-Box Kinect with a vertical rail and a person-sized turntable.  Compared the Photogrammetric (picture based) 3D scanning, this system is relatively inexpensive, portable, and fast.  3D Models are created in real-time.  With minimal editing, the models can be shared online or sent to a 3D printer.

Stay tuned for upcoming appearances around Kansas City!

For pricing, or to bring the 3D Photobooth to your event in the Kansas City Area, contact jo[at]jokamm.com


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