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Shaker Set in Lasercut holder

After experimenting with lasercutting for several months, new things are happening in studio. The Classic Salt and Pepper Shakers are back with a custom-made lasercut caddy. An experimental box design turned into a family of business card holders, and the porcelain juggling props are getting snazzy new displays…

Collaborations Solo Projects

Collaborations                                          Solo Projects              

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See the work in person at:  The shop at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

Upcoming and Current Events and Exhibitions:

March 2014 – Ceramics National, Clay Studio, Philadelphia

March 2014 – Twin Cups, Ceramic National Exhibition, Missouri Western State University

MoonDrops are now available online!  goto Moondrop Circus’ website:


   Jo Kamm lives and works in Kansas City, Missouri.


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